Content development, execution, and distribution

Podcast development

  • Name development
  • Marketing positioning
  • Mission & Vision
  • Storyboarding
  • Formatting
  • Execution
  • Step-by-step consultation

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Technical Asset Planning

  • Software implementation
  • Computer recommendations
  • Microphone selection
  • Camera recommendations
  • Studio audio configuration
  • Set development
  • Step-by-step assistance

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Social Media Assets

  • Graphic development
  • Content creation
  • Distribution
  • Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin
  • Twitter, Tik-Tok, Gittr, Truth Social
  • Rumble, YouTube
  • Step-by-step consulting

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Brand Development

  • Logo development
  • Brand look and feel
  • Brand content scope
  • Step-by-step consultation

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Public Relations

  • Press releases
  • Podcast community relations
  • Interviews & speaking engagements
  • Step-by-step consultation

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Podcast guests

  • Guest brainstorming
  • Sourcing
  • Scheduling
  • Step-by-step consultation

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Website Assets

  • Website creation
  • Website maintenance
  • Website hosting
  • Step-by-step consultation

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Talent Coaching

  • Approach
  • Interview skills
  • Presentation
  • Step-by-step consultation

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Our Specialties

The Show Must Go On! brings your idea for podcast or vidcast to life. It’s your dream and our goal to make your dream a reality. You help us capture your vision and then we get to work making it come alive. 

We’ll do our best to make your journey an amazing experience. It will be your passion and our experience that will push open doors you never dreamed possible.

We’ll be with you every step of the way. You’ll never be alone in the middle of the podcast jungle. Check out a sample promo video for The Show Must Go On’s Informed Dissent podcast.

Let's do this thing

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Healthcare Podcast

The intersection of healthcare and politics with Dr. Jeff Barke and Dr. Mark McDonald

Christian Radio Feature

You too can be a Joy Bringer. A daily radio feature with Season Bowers

24/7 Christian Radio Stream

Ruach.Live – The Breath of God is a 24/7, live radio stream focused on a local community.

Ruach.Live Christmas

24/7 Christmas music for the Christmas season. November – January. 

“Doc and Beth are a unique brand of engagement. It's a combination of expertly herded mass chaos and finitely strategic thinking funneled into a tsunami of success."

Unknown podcaster

"From beginning to this very day, Doc and Beth have been right by my side with the Joy Bringer radio feature."

Season Bowers, Joy Bringer

"Doc & Beth do it all. We couldn't be more pleased."

Dr. Jeff Barke & Dr. Mark McDonald, Informed Dissent podcast

The time is now for me to start getting my message to the world!

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