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Doc Maranville

Senior Marketing & Media Strategist with a background in both traditional and digital platforms. Expertise in product development, content, public relations, corporate communications, analysis, project management, team building, consumer adaptation, and creating vision. Entrepreneurial spirit demanding excellence and high performance at all levels. Servant leader passionately honed to drive sales through processes that reflect creativity, innovation, and brand integrity. Authored and self-published: “Mutations: Leadership, Talent, and Whimsical Wisdoms.”

Beth Cook Maranville

Beth is a renowned expert at connecting people. She loves all forms of information distribution including vidcasting, podcasting, books, blogging, social media, and traditional broadcasting. Beth has represented some of the biggest names in broadcast talk including Dennis Prager, Dr. Mark McDonald, Dr. Jeff Barke, Mike Gallagher, Michael Medved, Steve Deace, Armed American Radio, Hugh Hewitt, Kevin Jackson, and more.


Spartanburg, SC


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