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Lowering the barrier for entry to quality, engaging, repurposed content development.

Podcast development

Podcasts are the new anchor for continuous, consistent messaging engagement. What does that mean? The Show Must Go On! helps you develop a podcast platform that feeds all of your other media channels. No one tells your story like you do.

Local network placement

You’re busy doing what you normally do to make your life. We get that! That’s why The Show Must Go On! works closely with you to handle the public relations and media penetration.

Social Media

The cry of every marketer is “produce engaging content for social media.” The scream is often absent the “how” to make that happen. The Show Must Go On! feeds the content we create together back to you for distribution on your social media channels. We’lleven help you manage your social media. 

What we do for you


Brand Development

What is your brand? What is your brand’s mission? What principles guide your brand now and in the future. The Show Must Go On! will work with you to develop your brand and your voice.


Podcast Development

Recording your laptop microphone or phone video recorder does not a podcast make. The Show Must Go On! takes care of the details to make your podcast look and sound amazing and help you make the content engaging.


Podcast production & distribution

Audio leveling, camera balance, audio and video editing, uploading and downloading, RSS feed, programmatic, and all the other terms you really don’t want to deal with is dealt with by The Show Must Go On! 


Social media content

From the podcast production comes content. This content is the beginning of a cascade of social media material that will be produced and delivered to you. We’ll even help you with your distribution if you want. 


Podcast network

If you’re a local business, this one’s for you. There is nothing like a community of like-minded podcasts to float all the boats (as we  mix metaphors). The SWIET SPOT NETWORK is a live stream of podcasts produced locally for locals and is coming soon. 


Public Relations & Marketing

You’re busy, we get it. The Show Must Go On! will assist, advice, and run your public relations and marketing if that is what you need. 

About Us

The Show Must Go On! is a content development and media company specializing in bringing your message to life through audio podcasting, video podcasting, social media, and all traditional forms of messaging.

Our mission is to help businesses and individuals produce content to catch the world’s eye and to engage the mind and heart.

podcasts and content


Informed Dissent Media, Ruach.Live, Brittny’s Bible Breakthrough, Dead Preachers Society, and Just a Guy, Yes You Can!, Tactical Chaplin are podcasts The Show Must Go On! is currently producing or have in development.

Radio features

Mary’s Diaries, Breakthrough, Joy Bringer, Parenting Tips with Traci Williams, and the Legal Minute with David Shoop are just some of the names of short features produced by The Show Must Go On!

Radio station formats

Here in the Southwest Inland Empire, The Show Must Go On! is involved in the production of Ruach.Live, Rucah.Live Christmas, Ruach.Live Hip Hop, 102.5 The Vine. Nationally, our founders have been involved with Westwood One Radio Networks, USA Radio Network, Salem Radio Network. and thousands of individual radio stations. 

Radio talk shows

The Kevin Jackson Show, Steve Noble, Angie Austin and Mike Opelka Show, Season Bowers Show, Brittny Stewart Show, Doc & Beth, and many others.

“No one tells your story like YOU do!”

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