mutations media

Media Messaging Consultant

Discover the full impact your message can carry through Mutations Media. For three decades founder Tim Maranville has Mutated plain, run-of-the-mill, dormant ideas into amazing, masterful pieces of motivating art. From local radio stations to national radio networks, Maranville's Mutations have had an extensive positive impact on audience growth and reach. Get Mutated today!

Radio Station & Radio Network Consulting

The Mutation signature is on multiple products enjoyed by over 50 million people. Maranville's Mutated creations have marked up Westwood One 24/7 Formats, USA Radio Networks, Christian FM, CBS radio stations like KFRC in San Francisco, KMLE, KZON, and KOOL in Phoenix. He's also Mutated unique formats like Sassy 107, One-FM, Martini on The Rockies in Denver, Latino Vibe in Phoenix, and Rock 2.0 at Westwood One.

From radio station start-ups to publicly traded corporate entities, there's a trail of Mutated goodness across this great nation. Get Mutated today!

Coaching for Programmers and Air Talent

He has walked skillfully in both sets of shoes. Maranville successfully Mutated morning drive for over 12 years in multiple markets

across the U.S. You've already read about the Mutated programming, probably heard it, might have copied it.

If you're a programmer and you somehow know there's more to it than building clocks, scheduling music, and shaking out the latest "ratings trick," then you might be a candidate for Mutating.

If you're a personality that speaks through a microphone and you're having trouble breaking through, Mutate your approach. Warning: If you're not ready to have your brain hurt, don't inquire within.

Finally, if you run a group of radio stations or a stand-alone and you need a team player that can bring out the best in your people and not just drop a letter (email) in your lap telling you what's wrong, then maybe you need a little caffeine-free Mutation Tea.

Chief Strategist

The Mutation revolution has been applied to multiple formats and multiple disciplines with success indicators in every space and diverse channels. Serve your strategy some Mutation Pie whether it be digital, campaigns, publishing, viral content, social media, traditional over-the-air media, ad campaigns or a full length, long-term business strategy.

Get your strategy a Mutated approach for better results. Your competitor will never see it coming.



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