merge music media

"You’ve got more responsibilities, more demands on your time, and fewer resources than ever before. Consultants only consult, I've rolled up my sleeves and worked with stations like yours for 22 years. By merging your vision and my expertise in music programming you're free to sharpen your focus and become more effective in other areas AND sleep well at night knowing that the music on your station is always humming at peak performance", Kristopher Jones.

From custom playlists designed exclusively for your stations to multi-format and multi-platform expertise to proprietary research and performance analytics, M:3 has the tools you need to help you realize your perfect vision for your radio station or group. 

As a former VP of Programming and PD at Westwood One Kristopher Jones can help you in other ways. For example, Kristopher offers talent coaching, brainstorming, and access to a years-cultivated network of on and off air professionals.

M:3 is different.  M:3 is more than custom music programming, it's customized expert help.

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